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The Law Office of Jordan Schwartz, P.A. is a Kansas debtor’s rights law firm representing homeowners in the following practice areas:


  • Defending Homeowners in Foreclosure – regardless of which stage in the foreclosure process
  • Mortgage Modification – SAVE YOUR HOME – Our office assists homeowners in modifying their mortgages so they can save their home by negotiating loan workouts with mortgage lenders
  • Bankruptcy Avoidance – by taking advantage of various bankruptcy alternatives, such as debt negotiation/consolidation & management
  • Bankruptcyour firm files Chapter 7  bankruptcy on behalf of debtors.
  • Credit Card Debt Reduction/Defense – by working directly with creditors, our firm can negotiate reduced debt settlement, as well as defend clients who have been sued by their credit card issuers
  • IRS Tax Dispute Resolution – Our firm works with the IRS to resolve income tax deficiencies, while offering clients multiple options toward settling their IRS debt
  • Short Sales & ‘Deeds in Lieu’ – Our law firm helps homeowners short sell their homes or execute deeds in lieu, while working to assure our clients are not subject to tax liability & lender lawsuits.

A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

The Law Office of Jordan Schwartz has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.  The Better Business Bureau uses a 100 point scoring scale that it uses to assign letter grade ratings to businesses. Our firm received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau which is the highest possible score. If you would like to read ... [Read more]


Debt Collection: Know Your Rights

Our firm negotiates with your creditors, obtaining lower monthly payments that work for your budget. Many of our clients call us after being harassed by debt collectors.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently highlighted the practice of collection agencies that violated laws as a means to getting consumers to pay their debts. Under the Fair Debt Collection ... [Read more]


Foreclosure Driving Rise in Suicide Rate

Foreclosure may be driving the rise in suicides, according to new research. The Washington Post reports new information about how the American foreclosure crisis is part of an alarming healthcare crisis—including a rise in the suicide rate.  Researchers have connected foreclosures to depression, stress-related illnesses and spikes in emergency room visits. New research from the ... [Read more]


Bankruptcy: When Can It Help You?

Filing bankruptcy can be a long-term solution for some people, depending on what the debtor is trying to accomplish.  The Law Office of Jordan Schwartz handles Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases. Go to our Bankruptcy Advantages page to read about some of the benefits provided by bankruptcy, in addition to some of these benefits provided by ... [Read more]

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What is a Loan Modification?

Mortgage lenders have taken advantage of homeowners for years with their ‘small print’ and complex sophisticated lending products that border on impossible to understand. While the banks have taken government bailouts, it’s the homeowners who are left with the aftermath of these deceptive and intentionally confusing home loans. Many borrowers unknowingly ended up in adjustable ... [Read more]

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10955 Lowell, Suite 630
Overland Park, Kansas 66210
Phone: 913-642-4529
Email: jordan(at)jslawkc(dot)com
Contact Us
Website: Law Office of Jordan Schwartz

Better Business Bureau

The Law Office of Jordan Schwartz has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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