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Loan Modification

Do you want to keep your home but cannot afford your current monthly mortgage payment? Are you borrowing from savings or credit cards to make your mortgage payments? If so, our firm can negotiate with your mortgage lender in an effort to reduce your monthly payment, get you caught-up with past payments and get you back on track to keeping your home and getting your lender off your back!

Our legal professionals use their respective backgrounds in home mortgage finance in an effort to achieve the following goals with regard to your home loan:

* Reduce the principal amount you owe on the loan
* Reduce your interest rate
* Extend the term of the loan to as long as 40 years or more (in a further effort to reduce your monthly payment obligation)
* Address property tax arrearages
* Convert variable interest rates to fixed rates
* Establish an escrow account for the payment of property tax and insurance
* Get the loan current

Mortgage lenders have taken advantage of homeowners for years with their ‘small print’ and complex sophisticated lending products that border on impossible to understand. While the banks have taken government bailouts, it’s the homeowners who are left with the aftermath of these deceptive and intentionally confusing home loans.  Read more about the advantages of loan modification.

‘Sale Date’ Scenario

Sometimes homeowners do not have the necessary time required to negotiate a mortgage loan modification / workout. Often times a foreclosure has progressed to the point whereby a ‘sale date,’ has already been set for the property. The Sale Date is the day the court will auction your property to the highest bidder! Even at this critical stage of the foreclosure process, our firm can file emergency documents with the court in an effort to stay (or stop) the foreclosure process, potentially giving you time to negotiate a mortgage modification in order to save your home or take some other course of action that best suits your needs.

In dire circumstances where there is simply not enough time to delay the foreclosure long enough to negotiate a mortgage loan modification, our firm can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on your behalf, allowing the homeowner to cure a mortgage default and get current with those missed mortgage payments over a 3 to 5 year period, regardless of whether your mortgage lender agrees. This powerful remedy available through the bankruptcy court can give a homeowner the time needed to get their financial life back in order.

Forensic Loan Audits

If you feel you have fallen victim of deceptive & predatory lending practices either on the part of your mortgage broker OR home loan lender, our firm can have your loan documents analyzed by expert forensic accountants capable of uncovering even the smallest irregularity, giving you an even greater advantage when negotiating a loan modification with your lender.

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10955 Lowell, Suite 630
Overland Park, Kansas 66210
Phone: 913-642-4529
Email: jordan(at)jslawkc(dot)com
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Website: Law Office of Jordan Schwartz

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